The role for which the audience accused Mironov
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The role for which the audience accused Mironov Featured

Released in 1995, Vladimir Khotinenko's film "The Muslim" was awarded many prestigious awards, including for the best screenplay and supporting roles. But the performer of the main role, Evgeny Mironov, did not get any awards. And the audience was also outraged by his work.
Mironov's hero, Nikolai Ivanov, fought in Afghanistan, spent seven years in captivity and escaped death only thanks to an Afghan peasant who bought out a young military man when he was being led to execution. Nicholas replaced his murdered son. Ivanov converted to Islam, and returned to his homeland as a Muslim.

The hero began to look at the world in a completely different way, his way of life changed (he did not drink, did not smoke, prayed daily, followed certain rules), so the villagers, who frankly did not like the changes in Nicholas, began to shun him, even to show aggression in his direction.

Many viewers on this basis began to accuse the director, who showed very negatively the Russian villagers, and elevated Nicholas, who had adopted a different faith, above them. It was said that Khotinenko propagandized Islam, despite the fact that the director explained that the film was not at all about the opposition of two religions, but about faith and disbelief.

But many did not want to hear the director and even demanded to ban the "Muslim”, believing that the film could cause an interethnic conflict.

Of course, the performer of the main role also got it. Yevgeny Mironov, like Khotinenko, was accused of sympathizing with Islam, they said that he had exchanged Christianity for another religion. Of course, that wasn't true. Mironov, justifying his hero, always said that he does not impose his faith on anyone, just lives without doing anything bad to anyone. And the film makes it possible to understand what faith can really be. No matter what she is.
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