Which Russian celebrities don't eat meat
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Which Russian celebrities don't eat meat Featured

The rescue of natural resources is gaining more and more popularity in the world. Many are calling for sorting garbage, abandoning plastic products. Clothing made of artificial materials is gaining popularity, as well as vegetarian food. Convinced vegetarians claim that a diet devoid of animal food helps to preserve not only the life of animals, but also the beauty and longevity of adherents of such a menu. A lot of vegans can be found among the famous people of Russia.
Ekaterina Volkova
For more than a decade, Ekaterina has been maintaining her physical and mental state at a high level thanks to yoga classes and the rejection of animal products. She claims that her health has improved significantly after switching to a plant-based diet and eliminating sugar from her diet.
Какие российские знаменитости не едят мясо
The singer came to vegetarianism thanks to her ex-husband. It was not a conviction, but a desire to share her husband's gastronomic preferences. Marriage is long in the past, but the habit remains. According to Valeria, she has no feeling that the body needs meat. But fish and seafood are invariably present in her diet.
Какие российские знаменитости не едят мясо
Nikolai Noskov
Singer Nikolai Noskov joined the vegetarian lifestyle under the influence of the biography of the great writer L. Tolstoy. Lev Nikolaevich had a firm conviction that there is nothing useful and natural for a person in eating meat.
Какие российские знаменитости не едят мясо
Lyudmila Artemyeva
A few years ago, the actress suffered from health problems that she could not correct medically. After going through several treatment options, she decided to adjust her lifestyle. Having refused meat dishes and animal fats, Lyudmila began to recover. Now a vegetarian diet is present in her life on an ongoing basis.
Какие российские знаменитости не едят мясо
Elka refused a meat diet a few years ago, thanks to which her figure has become much slimmer. But it was not the struggle with extra centimeters that caused changes in the singer's usual diet. This was facilitated by the study of philosophical literature. After reading a lot of works on philosophy, Elka decided that a person does not have a predatory essence, which means that eating meat does not benefit him.
Какие российские знаменитости не едят мясо
A. Kovalchuk
Anna basically does not eat meat after watching a movie about the torment of animals. The basis of her diet consists of vegetables cooked in any way. But in her family, the actress is singular, the rest prefer a meat diet.
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