Unknown surnames of famous Russian pop stars
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Unknown surnames of famous Russian pop stars Featured

When we look at Russian pop stars, hear their names and listen to their songs, we don't even think about what our idols are really called. But some of them really don't have "native" names or surnames on the stage, or both.
Why do the stars "refuse" their real names and surnames, and take pseudonyms? It turns out that some "native" names "do not sound", while others are supposedly unhappy.
It turns out that Vera Brezhneva's real surname is Kiperman, and her maiden name is not for the stage at all – Galushka. Since the performer was born in the city of the great Soviet Secretary General, she decided to borrow his last name.
Prokhor Chaliapin's real name is Andrey Zakharenkov. Clearly the stage name earns more than the real one.

Andrey Gubin is none other than Andrey Klementyev, Decl - Kirill Tolmatsky.

Larisa Dolina's real name is Myachinskaya, and Valeria's real name is Alla Perfilieva. Moreover, the singer also changed her real name in her passport to her stage name – Valeria, so that her ex-husband would not sue her, and would not "take away" the pseudonym he invented. And the real name of Nike Borzov is Nikolai Barashko.
Here are some more interesting and real names of our pop stars. Natasha Koroleva sounds, of course, more beautiful than the real name - Break. Petlyura is the pseudonym of Yuri Barabash.

Alla Ageeva became Masha Rasputina, considering that such a name sounds more erotic.

Inessa Klimchuk at one time became Irina Allegrova, Leonty Chizhov – Leonid Agutin, Elena Lyovochkina – Alyona Apina, Inessa Danilova – Assia Akhat.

Perhaps few people know that Nadezhda Babkina's real last name is Sessateleva, and Angelica Varum's real name is Maria.
Then it's even more interesting. For example, a very beautiful and melodious surname Malinin is not real. Alexander Vyguzov borrowed it for himself for the stage.
Chris Kelmi is the stage name of Anatoly Kalinkin, and Sergey Lemokh was Ogurtsov before "Karmen".

Finally, Leri Wynn is the fictional stage name of Valery Dyatlov.
Our vociferous performer Vitas is named Vitaly Grachev, Delphine is Andrey Lysikov, Danko is Alexander Fadeev, Nikita is Alexey Fokin, Linda is Svetlana Gaiman, Oscar is Shamil Malkanduev.

And if you dig even deeper into the history of pop music, back in Soviet times, it turns out that the real name of the creator of "Tender May" is not Andrey Razin, but Vadim Krivorotov. Two more figures of Soviet culture, Anastas Mikoyan and Vsevolod Levenstein, at one time took the pseudonyms, respectively, Stas Namin and Seva Novgorodtsev.

That's how, having taken new names for themselves, the stars became popular and successful. Only the question remains: did the name bring them this fame, or was it talent after all?
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