Phuket: what to see and do on the island
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Phuket: what to see and do on the island Featured

Conquer the waves on one of the island's beaches
If you haven't tried surfing before the pandemic, but would like to learn, Kata Beach is ideal for this. In the low season, when big waves rise on the sea, practicing surfers and beginners come to this spot. The southern and central parts of the beach are considered the best for surfing in Phuket, and before the pandemic, many tourists took classes with an instructor at local surf schools. In addition, you can rent a surfboard or sap-boarding at one of the rental stations. After an active holiday, you can have a picnic on the beach and enjoy the sunset sun on the ocean.
Another beach of the island is Karon, located in the immediate vicinity of Kata Beach. It is ideal for sunbathing, beach sports and swimming. There are many attractions in the vicinity of this beach, including the stunning beauty of the red lotus lake Nong Han and the temple with exquisite architecture of Wat Karon. The busiest beach on the island is Patong Beach. The beach is located in a bay, which makes the waves calm and the beach pleasant for swimming. Patong has the largest number of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can hide from the midday sun and have a snack. Mai Khao Beach, located next to the runway of Phuket airport, sunbathing on it, you can watch planes landing.

Visit the Tai Hua Museum
This ancient Chinese school building was built in 1977 by the first Chinese settlers. Now it has been restored and there is a museum, an exhibition hall, as well as a platform for special events. Museum expositions will tell about the significant role of Chinese culture on the island and the contribution of the Chinese to the formation and history of Phuket. Some of the museum's exhibits, such as vintage photographs and jewelry, were donated by the descendants of the settlers now living in Phuket and Bangkok. It is also interesting to look at the restored building from the outside – it is an architectural monument in which the school was located for about 80 years. The Tai Hua Museum, as well as other buildings of Chinese-European architecture, are waiting for tourists in the Old Town of Phuket. It's worth a walk here to see trendy street art, a clock tower and beautiful Portuguese-Chinese style mansions.

Arrange a reboot at the villa
The Chivitr Wellness Retreat Center (Chivitr means "life" in Thai) is created for those who want to be alone with themselves. In the retreat, you will be able to spend a lot of time in nature, learn new breathing techniques and meditation techniques. This luxury wellness complex is located on a hill overlooking the lake, just a short walk from Nai Harn - one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Other accommodations that are perfect for a reboot are rightfully considered to be the unique Keemala designer Hotel, hidden in the rainforest; elegant villas decorated with works of art in the national calorite, in Banyan Tree Phuket; as well as hotels of the famous Anantara chain - Layan Phuket Resort and Mai Khao Phuket Villa. After an eventful day here you can enjoy relaxing in your own villa with spacious rooms and a private pool. All these hotels have passed the SHA+ certification, which confirms their compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological rules and absolute safety for tourists.

Climb to the secret observation deck
Getting to the observation deck "Black Rock" or "Black Rock" in the south of Phuket is not so easy, but it is from here that an incredible panorama of the island opens, which deserves attention. Another non—tourist attraction is the Laem Krating observation deck. Most tourists come here to meet the sunset and take pictures on a large rock, which in its shape resembles a sail. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of Nai Harn Beach, an observation deck with a windmill and an observation deck of Promthep Cape.

Have lunch in one of Phuket's Instagram cafes
There are more and more places on the gastronomic map of Phuket where you want not only to taste dishes, having previously photographed them, but also to capture the interior. So, the cozy Ta Tuay restaurant is located in a tropical garden, near the Sarasin Bridge connecting Phuket with the mainland. The menu features dishes from fresh local seafood. Ma Doo Bua Phuket is a new cafe for beautiful selfies. The peculiarity of this place is an artificial lake decorated with Victoria Amazonica plants, the largest water lilies in the world. Another photogenic place is the Three monkeys restaurant, where you can taste traditional Thai dishes in a new reading. The guests of the restaurant find themselves in an unusual atmosphere — the tables are arranged as if in nests in the crowns of trees. One of the iconic beach establishments, Café del Mar, will be appreciated by fans of club parties and relaxing by the water. Here you can swim in the pool on an inflatable flamingo and drink bright tropical cocktails at the same time. More refined dishes are served at SUAY Cherngtalay restaurant, which this year was included in the updated Michelin Guide. You can also taste the dishes of the famous chef Noah (SUAY Cherngtalay) in the branches of the SUAY Porto De Phuket chain, in the Daily Dose restaurants in Cherngtalay and in the Old Town of Phuket, as well as in the recently opened cocktail bar SUAY x Chalong Bay.
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